Adam's unique creations are inspired by nature

By combining the pure strength of metals with the gentleness of plants, Adam endeavours to convey the passionate rhythm of Nature.  Fusing silver, gold and titanium with gemstones that include amber, pearls and opals.  To harness these raw materials Adam uses traditional blacksmithing techniques with a deft modern twist.  The result is a stunning metamorphosis as the silver titanium bathed in fire becomes an exotic flower, flashing with every imaginable shade of blue. In his artist's hands the jewellery springs to life and blooms.

About the Artist

Adam Wyspianski was born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1951. His formal artistic education includes graduating from Antoni Kenar School of Arts in Zakopane and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. In 1980 Adam joined the School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw as a sculptor and jewellery teacher.

His own sculptures and hand-crafted jewellery however soon drew recognition and acclaim, both at home and abroad.  Leading Adam to evolve into an artist in his own right.

When not touring the globe with his creations Adam draws upon the flora of his adopted Sunshine Coast in Australia, where he now resides. 

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